Roach Motel»
Artist: Caitlin Like
One shot comedy/horror story with a roach-monster the size of a terrier.
Love is a burning thing»
Artist: Brent Peeples
Colorist: Eddy Swan
A story of love, heartbreak and payback (and super soldiers and international terrorists and gun fights.)
Other people you may know »
Cover: Ekundayo & Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez
Artists: Thor Fjalarsson, Zach Bassett, Me
Slice of life stories based on my life. Not all guaranteed hold-me-to-it-in-a-court-of-law, but definitely horse shoes and hand grenades.
A brief history of the Grand Canyon »
Co-written: by Chris Hammer
Artist: Ryan Estrada
For the first time in print the true story of the creation of the Grand Canyon in the mid-20th century by two minds riddled by Syphilis and opium. Featuring Teddy Roosevelt and a golem.
Sad Little Stories: My ABCs »
Artists: John Campbell, Kurt Wood, Ryan Estrada, Nick Edwards
Absolutely true stories that happened to me. I didn't have Twitter at the time so I made these thingies instead.
Family Intervention »
A story of substance abuse threatening to destroy a family and their struggle to survive it… But with super heroes because ya know.